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Making Money with Blogging from Home in 2013


With the economy finally improving after a long downturn that lasted over several years, Internet savvy users are turning to blogging to increase their income. They are utilizing blog networks and advertising platforms to generate part-time and even full-time income just from companies that provide revenue streams for bloggers. Advertisers are increasingly looking for a reaching out to the blogging community to have them review their products and services. Additionally, advertisers and Internet marketers know that bloggers have a lot of influence amongst their readers.

Newbie bloggers may find it a little bit more difficult to generate substantial revenue and cash from their blogs if they are just getting started. It takes time to develop an audience and following that advertisers seek out there trying to reach out for product placement on blogs. There is no such thing as an overnight success or windfall without substantial time and effort put into building up your audience. How influential a blog is is usually turned by how much traffic a blog is receiving, what type of article or theme the blogger is writing about, and what type of income level a typical reader is. For example a blogger who writes about and reviews high-end vacations, the reader of that blog probably has money to spend and is a type of reader and consumer that marketers seek out.

Most common ways to get paid to blog in 2013. The most typical way bloggers make money from home 2013 is through ad networks and advertising opportunities. These type of ads include traditional banner ads, text ads, and increasingly more common are advertorials and paid sponsor reviews. In a traditional advertising environment you amount you can charge for your spots is similar to TV shows newspapers, and radio ads. It’s all based on how popular your blog is and what your demographics are. It may take years to build up a huge following and to demand top dollar rates for your blog. For new bloggers it is probably realistic to probably make a few hundred or so per month blogging from home. If you set up more than one blog and maintain several of them you can increase the amount of money you can make through sponsorships.

Advertisers are frequently seeking out bloggers such as:

  • Marketing and Technology, SEO, Search Optimization
  • Travel
  • Sports And Entertainment
  • Mommy Bloggers And Work-At-Home Moms
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Political Bloggers
  • Automobile and Car Fans
  • Business Finance and Insurance
  • Home and Garden
  • Coupons saving money And Budgeting
  • Fashion Lifestyle
  • Credit Card Services and Internet Sites
  • Weddings Marriage and Family Life
  • Colleges and Education

There are many blog advertising networks out there to choose from. Some examples include blogads, blogvertise network, ad network directory, chitika, and even google adsense network. We recommend you experiment with all them and find the one that works best for you. How much money you earn again depends on how popular your blog is or will become. The more time and energy you put in to maintaining, editing, and promoting your blog more ad revenue it would generate!

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