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How to Make Money with Your Blog

Paid Blogging Jobs for Moms


Well were halfway through 2013 and are on our way to 2014, despite the fact that the economy supposedly is growing, it still seems more difficult to get by these days. However there are still lots of opportunities for new mothers with newborns or growing kids to find ways to make money blogging online. Both moms and dads know the stresses and expenses that being a parent can have. Childcare is also very expensive, and many moms have few choices but to find ways to work from home as a mother. Despite the lack of jobs in the off-line economy there are still many opportunities for work at home moms who are to blogging. Similar to our topic on college students, mothers also need to find good topics to write about on their blogs. Advertisers particularly like mommy bloggers because they tend to be very neutral and noncontroversial. There is no profanity and typically there aren’t that many controversial topics covered on mom blogs, they tend to be, “family friendly “. which advertisers love to be on!

Recent trends we’ve seen in the industry of amateur and professional bloggers is advertisers tend to seek out certain themes such as home and gardening, food and cooking, travel, coupons and financial services, home and family life that may include topics like education, saving for college, and of course fashion and shopping! To get started looking for paid blogging opportunities you first of all needed blog set up. Most advertisers prefer that your blog be on its own domain and you should avoid free blog sites like blogspot. Even though there might be a little bit of cost involved with setting up your own domain, like, you are also creating a brand and unique identity with your own domains. Secondly advertisers going to seek out blogs that are popular so you’re going to spend some time building up your audience and networking with fellow mommy bloggers. This in turn will increase your views and traffic to your blog which will ultimately translate into higher advertising rates and opportunities. Your blog is not much different than a TV station or radio station that sets advertising rates based on reach, audience, and demographics. The demographics of your blog will probably be ideal for advertisers because moms and dads are typically consumers of many products and services that advertisers want to reach. It may take months and longer to build up your audience like any of other job will take patience, dedication and hard work. Its not that uncommon for a blogger to easily make a few hundred per month after several wants of aggressive always building and blogging. For a professional blogger who has been at it for years they can easily earn thousands a month. Again it’s all about always building in finding Niche topics that advertisers seek out.

Instead of just being a mommy blogger writing about everyday life, you may want to focus in on certain things you are good at or like to do. For example, maybe you are heavily involved with your kids homework and with schoolwork and school participation focusing in on a specific topic like this may attract tutoring companies who want to advertise on education blogs. Or for example say you or your husband are coaches on your kids sports teams focusing in on a specific topic can help you draw in better advertising rates because advertisers will know more closely who your demographic is that is visiting your site.

There are many companies out there that can assist you with building your audience up. Participating on twitter and setting up a Facebook page is important. Being a little controversial can be okay to to an extent. You want to get your readers coming back regularly, and being controversial, somewhat, can be helpful in that regard.

Ways to find paid blogging jobs:

- build your own blogs on different subjects that are of interest to you as described above.

- go through craigslist and search the gigs and job section, in this case you may be an editor and writer for another company’s blog.

- Jobsites typically also list these type of opportunities

- there are some ad networks out there that can assist you with paid writing and advertising tools.

- there are affiliate networks such as Amazon’s affiliate program where you get paid referring customers to specific product on their site

- Simple e-books that customers can purchase through your blog that you yourself wrote on topics that you have expertise in. My own sister has published e-books on Amazon on how to clean with vinegar.

Fortunately, there seems to be unlimited growth opportunities for both work at home moms and working home dads. The best way to get started his first decide if you want to blog for someone else or set up your own blog. In most cases if you have not blogged before you may not be able to take jobs blog for someone else because you won’t have experience you can display to the potential employer. If you have been blogging for a while you should be able to earn decent income from your website and have more opportunities to get hired by other companies to write for them.

Paid Blogging Jobs for College Students


Being a student at a university can be economically difficult. Between class workloads, exams, term papers, and possibly working part-time jobs,and of course being social is important to! You may find it increasingly difficult to pay for reaching expenses such as housing fuel, and some beer money for the weekends. Fortunately there are ways for students including high school students, college students, full-time or part-time, to make money blogging from their dorms. Also, typically educated young person has good grammar and writing skills that advertisers look for on blogs. Here are some strategies you can take to generate some part-time income from paid blogging. You can do this in your spare time, during breaks, or all night whenever you can.

  • First set up a blog.
  • It is preferable to use WordPress and have your own domain
  • Advertisers shy away free host blogs so it’s best to set up your own type of blog.
  • Avoid using vulgar language, obscenity, or anything that advertisers won’t want to be on

Pick topics that you are familiar with For example say you are a medical student, a blog about medical topics is usually in high demand from advertisers. Or say for instance you are a big fan of the football team and want to devote a blog just on game results, player performance, and fan appreciation. You may find local businesses that sponsor games, wishing to advertise on your blog knowing that your readers may want to visit the products and services being advertised. Or say you are a law student, you may find attorneys looking to advertise on your blog if they match the attorneys practice. So again it’s easiest and most efficient to write about topics and start a blog on a theme you are familiar with. If you are an environment science major you may want to write about solar topics and solar energy, green topics, and again you’ll reach advertisers will seek out your blog if it’s popular enough.

Most networks will also issue you a W9 for you to pay taxes on. In many cases they will pay with PayPal or online check transfers. It’s becoming more rare nowadays to be paid with a paper check. Typically a new blogger could potentially earn a few hundred a month just blogging part-time. It may take a few months of blogging or longer to reach that level. For an experienced blogger who knows how to monetize their blog, thats been blogging for years and may have several blogs they maintain taken it earn potentially a lot more perhaps a few thousand per month just from blogging. But they must have a large audience to reach that Type of income level.

Making Money with Blogging from Home in 2013


With the economy finally improving after a long downturn that lasted over several years, Internet savvy users are turning to blogging to increase their income. They are utilizing blog networks and advertising platforms to generate part-time and even full-time income just from companies that provide revenue streams for bloggers. Advertisers are increasingly looking for a reaching out to the blogging community to have them review their products and services. Additionally, advertisers and Internet marketers know that bloggers have a lot of influence amongst their readers.

Newbie bloggers may find it a little bit more difficult to generate substantial revenue and cash from their blogs if they are just getting started. It takes time to develop an audience and following that advertisers seek out there trying to reach out for product placement on blogs. There is no such thing as an overnight success or windfall without substantial time and effort put into building up your audience. How influential a blog is is usually turned by how much traffic a blog is receiving, what type of article or theme the blogger is writing about, and what type of income level a typical reader is. For example a blogger who writes about and reviews high-end vacations, the reader of that blog probably has money to spend and is a type of reader and consumer that marketers seek out.

Most common ways to get paid to blog in 2013. The most typical way bloggers make money from home 2013 is through ad networks and advertising opportunities. These type of ads include traditional banner ads, text ads, and increasingly more common are advertorials and paid sponsor reviews. In a traditional advertising environment you amount you can charge for your spots is similar to TV shows newspapers, and radio ads. It’s all based on how popular your blog is and what your demographics are. It may take years to build up a huge following and to demand top dollar rates for your blog. For new bloggers it is probably realistic to probably make a few hundred or so per month blogging from home. If you set up more than one blog and maintain several of them you can increase the amount of money you can make through sponsorships.

Advertisers are frequently seeking out bloggers such as:

  • Marketing and Technology, SEO, Search Optimization
  • Travel
  • Sports And Entertainment
  • Mommy Bloggers And Work-At-Home Moms
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Political Bloggers
  • Automobile and Car Fans
  • Business Finance and Insurance
  • Home and Garden
  • Coupons saving money And Budgeting
  • Fashion Lifestyle
  • Credit Card Services and Internet Sites
  • Weddings Marriage and Family Life
  • Colleges and Education

There are many blog advertising networks out there to choose from. Some examples include blogads, blogvertise network, ad network directory, chitika, and even google adsense network. We recommend you experiment with all them and find the one that works best for you. How much money you earn again depends on how popular your blog is or will become. The more time and energy you put in to maintaining, editing, and promoting your blog more ad revenue it would generate!

Ways for Students to Make Money Online


College life can be expensive. Between paying for books and going out with friends, the bills can add up. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find a job in these hard economic times. You may have trouble fitting a job in with your busy schedule. Even if you do have a job, it can still be difficult scrounging up extra funds, as textbooks can costs hundreds of dollars.

If you are looking to earn some extra cash, you may be interested in learning how students can make money online. Obviously, if you’re reading this site, you know that it’s about blogging, so you can guess what the next line is going to be: One great way for students to make money is by blogging.

So how exactly does blogging benefit college students?

As a busy college student trying to balance classes, homework, clubs, sports, internships, etc, you probably have little time to work long shifts. And even if you do, the costs of housing, tuition, books, and actually having a life outside school can add up. You want something easy and flexible.

With blogging, you can set your own hours. You can work in those ‘in between’ moments, between classes. You only need to write a few paragraphs. Take a break from your essays and write about something fun, something you’re actually interested in.

Plus, if you’re a writing student, starting a blog is great practice and a great way to build your presence online. The print industry is dying – less people read magazines and newspapers. They read the news online. To be a successful writer these days, it is much easier to start writing a blog. If you want to find a job at a publisher or a major news site, then you’ll need to be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of how to maintain a blog, do basic HTML, etc.

Even if you’re not a writing student, many advertisers are looking for all sorts of niches. You could be a fashion student – great. Start a blog about fashion; get paid to talk about something you already love. Computer science major? Start a blog about the newest updates in technology and gadgets. You get an outlet for your passion.

Any kind of major can start a blog:

  • medical
  • nursing
  • dental
  • vet
  • law
  • graduate/MBA
  • cooking
  • fashion
  • design
  • art
  • architecture
  • travel & hospitality /study abroad
  • information technology

How do I make money blogging as a student?

It’s easy to set up a blog. You can go to any site like,, etc and set up one up in only a few minutes. Pay for a unique domain name – it’s worth it not to have that attached to it and will help brand your site. (Advertisers like it and it will be easier for your visitors to remember).

Once your blog is set up, start posting! Write as frequently as you can and maintain your blog. Writing often helps you practice and get better and writing, and also helps build up unique and original content on your site. Once you have a few posts up, you’ll need to start getting followers. The more people that read your blog, the more appealing it will be to advertisers.

Here’s where being a student comes to your advantage: as a college student, you’re probably active on Facebook, Twitter, or other various social media sites. This puts you in a great position to promote your blog. Encourage your friends to check out your entries. Post the link when you publish a new article. Use catchy headlines to attract your friends’ attention and encourage them to share your post if they like it.

Student blogging is a great way to make a few quick dollars. You can earn money online and get some extra cash to go out with your friends or pay for those expensive college text books. When you’re in school, every little bit helps.

WAHMs Can Make Money Online


I know it’s been awhile since my last post; I’ve been busy unfortunately, but now I’m back. This time I’m going to do something a little different, and focus on who can make money online.

Anyone really can earn money through blogging, but there’s one main group of people who are really taking advantage of paid blogging, and that’s Work At Home Moms (or WAHM). So HOW exactly do they do it?

Before we get to the how, though, let’s focus on the why.

Why start a blog?

Flexible Hours

The good thing about blogging is that your schedule is flexible and your hours can be whatever you want. You can write at any time during the day and answer emails at any time during the day – whatever time works for you. You can fit your work schedule around your life. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting up early to sit in traffic to be at work on time!

As a work at home mother, you are your own boss, and you can work whenever is best for you and set your own deadlines. You decide how frequently you want to update your blog, what posts you want to write and what advertisers you’re interested in working with.

In Demand

Many advertisers are looking for good “mommy blogs” to advertise on. Advertisers want to reach as many potential customers as possible and convince them to buy their product. Many potential customers read mommy blogs. Advertisers know this, and so many of them want to advertise there. They will often send products for families to test and review.

Extra Cash

To be honest, you’re not going to make millions from day one. Blogging takes time, dedication and patience. But you can make enough to cover shopping trips. Enough for diapers or food. And who’s to say you can’t earn even more than that? Blogs that have a large following and good content can charge more for reviews and advertising and earn more.

How can WAHM make money blogging?

Many stay at home moms know they can make money with blogging, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it. First of all, there are tons of ways Work at Home Mothers can make money online, and blogging is only one of them. You can sell items online (thinking about having a garage sale? You could always sell those items online). You can sell services online through a payment service provider. (are you a work at home mom who used to be a teacher? You can sell tutoring services online).

There are even different ways to make money with your blog:

  • Reviewing products
  • Directing traffic to advertiser’s sites
  • Putting ads on your blog

You can use any of these strategies, or even use all three. But you can’t just start and expect to make a lot instantly. Here are some tips that can help you earn more:

  • Write frequently about a topic you know a lot about – updating your blog often will appeal to readers, and when you know a lot about a topic you establish credibility
  • Network with other bloggers and work on increasing your audience – the more people that read your blog, the more interested advertisers will be in using your blog
  • Be original and unique – this goes for everything from the writing/content to the look and feel of your blog. Don’t just use a default setting, try to customize your blog so that it represents you

Writing blogs is a great way for mom’s to earn money online. If you know what you’re doing, if you work hard and write well, then you can succeed with blogging.

5 Monetization Methods Besides Blog Advertising


Looking for a way to monetize your site other than using ads? While blog advertising may be the most common method, bloggers have plenty of options when it comes to earning money online. Even if you are monetizing your site using advertising, you could still use any of these strategies in addition to your ads. Here are just a few other monetization strategies:

Use a Premium Content Section

You can section off part of your site and have bloggers pay to access it. If you do this, make sure that you are offering content and ideas that aren’t normally available for free. That said, do continue to update your blog with free content. The free content will attract readers to your blog, convince them of your credibility and knowledge of the subject, but should only cover the surface of topics so that your readers will want more. For example, in the premium section, offer more details, specific case studies, etc. Thus they’ll be willing to pay to see your content. Include a list of features somewhere on your website so curious readers can see the type of content that’s not available for free, enticing them to pay for the premium content.

Offer Your Own Book or Product

You can also write your own book, compile your blog entries into a book format, or sell your own product. If you do decide to write a book, you can promote it on your blog and in your email newsletter. Consider publishing in an ebook format so that it’s easier for your readers to download it right away instead of having to wait for a hard copy in the mail. In your book, you should expand on topics that you haven’t covered as extensively in your blog so that your readers have a reason to purchase the product.

Ask for Donations

Simple and straight forward, asking for donations might seem a little like begging, but can still work. Just put a button at the top of your page that readers can click on if they want to donate. Consider also including a small button – visible, but not too distracting – at the end of your post too. Readers understand that writers blog for money, and will probably be generous enough to donate a little bit. If your readership is particularly large, then that will increase your chances of making money this way, too. If you only have a handful of readers, hold off on this method and work on building your traffic.

Offer Consulting

If you are an expert in something, then another option you could do is offer private consulting. It really depends on what your niche is if this will be a good strategy for you. If you are knowledgeable in SEO, for example, you could easily offer consulting work for clients’ websites. However, if you write a cooking blog I’m not sure what consulting services you would be able to offer. Think about your blog niche and see if you can offer consulting services.

Paid Blogging Jobs

There is another option that I recently learned about in this article about getting paid for writing articles. Basically you can get paid to write articles for bigger blogs. Sounds like freelance blogging. Apparently you can look at writing job boards (as the article explains) and find writing jobs there. The great thing about these jobs is that you not only get paid to blog, but you are gaining exposure on a bigger blog. This doubles as a way of promoting yourself and your site, so you can increase your blogs traffic, too. Check out that article, it explains more about how you can find blogging jobs and how the process works.

Keep in mind that advertising and these other methods are not mutually exclusive. You can still use advertising and do all of these. In fact, it’s probably better if you do. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak, and try monetizing your site with a variety of methods. Keep track of how much money you make with each strategy too to see which method is the most profitable.  Don’t be afraid to try new strategies when it comes to monetizing your blog.  Different methods work for different blogs, and by experimenting you can find out what works best for your blog.

How to Make Money with Ads


If you’re trying to monetize your blog with advertisements, then you ought to be aware of “ad blindness”.  Ad blindness, also called banner blindness, refers to a person’s ability to ignore ads on websites.  If your readers have ad blindness, it means they’re not looking at the ads on your blog – let alone clicking on them.

Obviously this is a huge problem if you want to earn money with your blog using Pay Per Click ads or Pay Per Sale ads, etc.  In order for your blog to make money, you need your readers not only to look at your ads, but be interested enough to click on them.

So how to do you combat ad blindness?

Adjust Your Layout

How your blog is organized can have an effect on where your readers look.  You can guide your readers into looking at a particular spot by using elements of your layout, by using color and by positioning your ads in strategic locations.  Ad placement is very important, and as this article shows, the best place to put your ads would be in the top left part of the screen (according to studies investigating where people look the most on the screen).  In addition to placement, you can also use different colors to make your ads stand out.

Write About Them

Some readers can be very adamant about avoiding ads.  They purposefully avoid looking at the ads.  Why do they do this?  They are expecting to be sold on something, but they do not expect that something to be useful or beneficial – just costly.

If you write a post explaining the benefits of the websites your ads go to, you’ll put the readers at ease and you’ll pique their curiosity.  They’ll have a better understanding about what the ads are offering, and therefore will be less skeptical of them.

Limit Your Number of Ads

Less ads can mean more income.  It seems counter intuitive, but think about it: if your page is covered in ads, this is just going to increase the reader’s ad blindness, and could even scare them away from your blog completely.  With less ads, your readers are more likely to see them, and also your site will be less cluttered, meaning you’ll have more traffic and more trust.  Therefore – increased profits for you.

Use Relevant Ads

If you want readers to click on your ads, you need to have ads they’ll want to click on.  If your blog is about cooking and you’re using ads for sports games, then your readers are not going to click on the ads – they just aren’t interested.  The reader is on your blog because they want to know about cooking.  If they want to know about cooking, then chances are they also want to buy something cooking related – a recipe book, a blender, or a butcher block maybe.

So in conclusion, to make more money, you can you can decrease ad blindness and entice your readers into clicking on your ads by using color and positioning, explaining the benefits of the products to your readers, only using a few ads, and using ads that your readers care about.

3 Ways to Monetize Your Blog You Might Not Know About


From banner links to pay per click, there are many different types of ads you can use to monetize your blog.  While these are great methods to earn money blogging, it’s important to know that there are other ways to make money with your blog that are a little different, that you might not have thought of or heard of.

RSS Feed Ads

Yes, you can put ads in your RSS Feed.  Different services like AdSense for Feeds and Pheedo place ads in your RSS feed post.  The different services use contextual ads or ads based on topic or category – a great benefit as you would only want to use ads relevant to your readers anyway.

Monetizing your RSS feed in this way is an interesting idea and can be a very clever strategy for increasing your blog income, if you do it right.  Some of your readers might not visit your site if they are reading your RSS Feed. If they’re not coming to your site, then that means they are not seeing any advertising on your site, which means you aren’t making money from these subscribers.  If you want to target those subscribers that do not visit your site, then putting ads in your RSS Feed might help.  You will need to have a lot of subscribers to your RSS Feed, though, for this to be worthwhile.

Consider before implanting this form of advertising: what will your subscribers think?  You need to understand your audience, and if you feel they won’t like it, perhaps you should consider another form of advertising. Many readers, however, will be used to seeing ads so I don’t feel it will be a huge problem.  You should also think about where you want to position the feed ads within the feed post – on the top or on the bottom.

In-Text Ads

In-text ads are a type of contextual advertising where particular keywords in your blog entry are used as links.  Typically these ads will have a double underline to differentiate them from normal links, and when your visitor hovers over them, a box will appear.  Bloggers get paid on a per click basis.  Popular companies include Infolinks, Kontera and Vibrant Media.

While intext ads can be a profitable way to get paid for blogging, it is very important to take a moment to consider the possible implications of using them.  Think about what it means for your audience.  Some readers might find them annoying or frustrating.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t use them, as some bloggers find that even when their readers didn’t like them at first, they did get used to them.  If you feel comfortable with using this form of advertising, but aren’t sure what your readers will think, consider implementing them on a trial basis, and monitor any fluctuations in traffic with your analytics program.

Some bloggers avoid these links because they are afraid it will confuse or deceive their readers.  Personally I think the double underline helps to differentiate between these links and normal links, but it doesn’t hurt to include a disclaimer on your site explaining what they are to your readers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to a type of advertising where you get paid for directing traffic to an advertiser’s site that results in a sale.  In other words, you place an ad on your site, and when one of your readers clicks the ad and then purchases something from the site, then you get paid.  It is actually similar to pay per action type ads.

These are very popular ads and bloggers can make a good amount of money from them.  Amazon has one of the more popular affiliate marketing programs.  To be successful and earn more money with these types of ads, you will need to make sure that the products you are advertising are products that you would stand behind and products your readers would find interesting.  They need to be appropriate for whatever your niche is.

For example, say you have a cooking blog.  If you use ads trying to sell sports books, you are probably not going to see a lot of conversions and therefore, won’t make any money.  However, if you use ads trying to sell cooking equipment or recipe books, then you’ll increase the chances that your readers will click the ads and purchase the item.  You can also go a step further, and write a post about the items or website that you are advertising for, and why their products will benefit your readers. Here are some more tips for monetizing your blog using affiliate marketing.

Keep in mind whenever you are using any form of advertising – whether it’s pay per click, banners, affiliate marketing, RSS ads, etc – that different forms work for different blogs.  One of the fundamental lessons in writing is “Keep your audience in mind,” and of course this goes for blogging as well.  It’s important to understand your blog niche and the audience that comes with it.  Some subjects will lend themselves to advertising, but some might not.

Your audience is so important when comes to monetization because the more readers you have, the more money you can make. So you don’t want to lose your readers by advertising too much.  Experiment with different types of ads until you find the balance that works.

Earn More Money with a Better Blog


If you want to get paid more money to blog, you’ll need to make sure that your blog is attractive to advertisers as well as your readers.  The more readers you have, the more likely advertisers will want to pay you to advertise their product; however, there are a few other things they might also look for.

There are a lot of bloggers out there, and you’re going to have to stand out from them if you want advertisers to choose you.  So here are some tips for making more money and getting those high-paying ads by making your blog “better” than the rest.

Use a topic-specific domain name

Have a domain name that is appropriate for your niche.  It should look and sound professional, and it should be clear from reading the domain name what your blog is about.  This will make it more desirable for advertisers to choose your blog.  If the advertiser sells used cars and your blog is Car that will be more desirable than for that particular advertiser.

Specialize in a specific topic or niche

Niche blogs are also great for making money.  Advertisers are looking for specific blogs that are as closely related to their product as possible.  Niche blogs are also great for attracting readers – there will be less bloggers to compete with.  If you’re writing about something no one else is, then you can fill a need that isn’t already being met.

Use a layout that fits your topic

Your layout should look professional and should be unique.  Don’t just grab a default layout, at least pick a theme.  It’s probably best if you can design it yourself or pay someone to design it, if you don’t know how.  Make sure that your layout makes sense for your topic and for your audience.  A finance blog should have a simpler layout, a “classy” layout that is sleek and clean.  On the other hand, a mommy blog type layout can have cartoons, pictures of kids, cheerful colors.

It should be organized and easy to follow.  Use colors that are pleasing to the eye.  Don’t use neon colors for your background or for your text.  Usually people organize it so that advertisements go on the sidebar and/or between posts, with many people leaving space for a larger advertisement at the top.

Advertisers will want their banners to appear closer to the top because it’s more likely that your readers will see them and click them, so make it clear that you have space for them there.  Very often they’ll

Always think about your audience

Always check your grammar and punctuation.  Put thought into your posts and show that they are well researched and you know your topic well.  Update frequently, and always stay on topic.  If you are writing paid reviews, make sure that you are publishing more unique content than paid reviews.

Have a large following

Very often advertisers look for blogs with higher page rank, but this is only indicative of how many people are linking back to you.  You should take efforts to promote your blog and build back links, as this will help your page rank and your traffic, but demonstrating that you have a large following could also be helpful.

Encourage your readers to post comments by asking them questions and engaging them in discussion. Respond to comments and keep the discussion going – so much of having a blog these days is not just publishing information and walking away from the computer.  It’s about building a community.  That means keeping in touch with your readers.

Use a newsletter and an RSS feed to help users follow your content more easily.

There are ways to make money fast with your blog, but if you want to earn a little bit more, always keep in mind your readers and looking professional.  If your content is good, and your layout looks professional, you’ll have more readers, and the more readers you have, the more that advertisers will want to pay you.

Easy Tips to Make Money with Blog Advertising


You can make more money blogging by making your blog more appealing to advertisers.  Advertisers typically want to advertise on quality blogs that have a large following.  But what is a “quality” blog?

A quality blog could be different depending on who you are talking to, but I think most would agree that the basic formula for a good blog is unique & original content, a good domain name, an easy to read and easy to navigate layout and a well functioning site.

Here are some tips to make your blog stand out and appeal to advertisers.

Write Unique, Relevant, and Original Content

Constantly update your blog with original posts and pictures. If you write paid posts, do it sparingly or write several posts in between that aren’t paid.  If every single post on your blog looks like a paid post, your blog would look spammy.  People don’t want to read a blog that looks spammy, and advertisers won’t want to advertise on a blog that people don’t read.

Have a domain name

Get your own domain name, instead of using something at,, etc.  Bloggers with their own domain name look more professional.  Make sure you also have a good, descriptive domain name.  Don’t use something like “”.  Your domain name should relate to your blog’s topic.

Use an attractive, organized layout

Make sure your layout is appealing to the eyes. Use a unique layout – don’t just use the default.  Usually with blogging hosts like blogger, there are different themes you can choose from.  Choose one of these, rather than just using the simple layout format that it comes with.  Then customize it a little bit and personalize it. Add your own banner at the top.  Use colors and fonts that are easy to read.  Have a simple navigational structure that is easy for your readers to follow.

Make sure your page loads quickly

A webpage should load quickly, within several seconds. If it takes more than a minute for your webpage to load, then you have a big problem. Visitors aren’t going to stick around if your page takes forever to load, and if you don’t have a large following, then advertisers won’t want to use your site.  Overloading your site with too many widgets and extra code can often slow down the loading process, so you should avoid using these.

All of these things are simple for you to do and can help your blog stand out to advertisers and readers alike.  It will help you build a bigger following and increase traffic to your blog, which in turn will help you make more money because advertisers will pay more to appear on blogs with a larger following.

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