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Video Blogging Part 3: Ways to Use Video Content on Your Blog


For the past week, we’ve been doing a series on Video Blogging or Vlogging.  This is Part 3 in our 4 Part series.

If you missed parts 1 (the Introduction to Vlogging) and 2 (Weighing the Pros and Cons of Vlogging), here’s a list of the entries associated with this series:

Video is an incredibly versatile medium that can really provide you with unique ideas and a very different outlet for your blog and for your readers.  Not only does video provide more variety compared to normal written posts, but there’s also a variety of different ways you can use video.

Check out this list for some video blogging ideas.

Just Talk

Just record yourself talking.  While this is simplest, in many ways it is actually difficult.  If you are just sitting there talking, you’ll need to make sure that what you’re saying is truly engaging to your readers.

Keep these short, topical and interesting.  People probably do not want to hear about how you went to the mall, bought a coffee, walked around, and bought some clothes.

Create a “How To” Tutorial

Record video of how to do something.  Some examples:  how to knit a sweater, how to apply make up, how to bake a pineapple upside down cake, how to change a tire, how to play a sport, or how to repair the pipes under the sink.  Just make sure that it’s relevant to your readers and easy to follow.


Similar to a tutorial, only you record your screen as you are doing something.  This is great for blogs explaining how to do things on the computer, like how to edit photos in PhotoShop, how to play a computer game, or how to use a program like Quicken.

For your average bloggers, just post something short and simple.  However, if you want feel free to record longer, more intensive screencasts and link them on your site for users who want more information.

Take video of an event as it unfolds

You really need to be lucky for this kind of video, and be in the right place at the right time.  But if you keep a camera – or even just a cell phone with a camera – on you at all times, and make sure that it’s easy to access, you might be able to catch something interesting going on.

Interview Someone

Contact someone important to your blog’s niche.  It could be another blogger, or a relevant, well known person.  You can set up an interview to record in person, or you could Skype your interviewee and record the interview that way.

To establish hype for the interview, do a post asking bloggers for questions they would want to have asked.  (This also helps you come up with more questions).


A good idea for travel blogs.  When you go on vacation, or even if you are just travelling somewhere near by or going somewhere new, bring a camera and record your adventure.

Be careful when filming other people or other places, some people don’t like to be on camera and some businesses may not want you filming in front of their store.  Be sure to ask and, if you want to get really official, write up a short hand out to give to people so they understand why you are filming them.

Of course you should always be careful when putting images of yourself on the web.  If you’re really worried, you could still take video without recording yourself.  You could do a travel documentary that only has your voice narrating.  You don’t need to film yourself for a screen cast.

And if you’re new to vlogging, don’t be afraid to try out all these ideas to find out what works best.  You can also ask your bloggers for reviews on how you can improve.  The best way to learn how to do something is to dive in and play around with it.

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