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Earn More Money with a Better Blog


If you want to get paid more money to blog, you’ll need to make sure that your blog is attractive to advertisers as well as your readers.  The more readers you have, the more likely advertisers will want to pay you to advertise their product; however, there are a few other things they might also look for.

There are a lot of bloggers out there, and you’re going to have to stand out from them if you want advertisers to choose you.  So here are some tips for making more money and getting those high-paying ads by making your blog “better” than the rest.

Use a topic-specific domain name

Have a domain name that is appropriate for your niche.  It should look and sound professional, and it should be clear from reading the domain name what your blog is about.  This will make it more desirable for advertisers to choose your blog.  If the advertiser sells used cars and your blog is Car that will be more desirable than for that particular advertiser.

Specialize in a specific topic or niche

Niche blogs are also great for making money.  Advertisers are looking for specific blogs that are as closely related to their product as possible.  Niche blogs are also great for attracting readers – there will be less bloggers to compete with.  If you’re writing about something no one else is, then you can fill a need that isn’t already being met.

Use a layout that fits your topic

Your layout should look professional and should be unique.  Don’t just grab a default layout, at least pick a theme.  It’s probably best if you can design it yourself or pay someone to design it, if you don’t know how.  Make sure that your layout makes sense for your topic and for your audience.  A finance blog should have a simpler layout, a “classy” layout that is sleek and clean.  On the other hand, a mommy blog type layout can have cartoons, pictures of kids, cheerful colors.

It should be organized and easy to follow.  Use colors that are pleasing to the eye.  Don’t use neon colors for your background or for your text.  Usually people organize it so that advertisements go on the sidebar and/or between posts, with many people leaving space for a larger advertisement at the top.

Advertisers will want their banners to appear closer to the top because it’s more likely that your readers will see them and click them, so make it clear that you have space for them there.  Very often they’ll

Always think about your audience

Always check your grammar and punctuation.  Put thought into your posts and show that they are well researched and you know your topic well.  Update frequently, and always stay on topic.  If you are writing paid reviews, make sure that you are publishing more unique content than paid reviews.

Have a large following

Very often advertisers look for blogs with higher page rank, but this is only indicative of how many people are linking back to you.  You should take efforts to promote your blog and build back links, as this will help your page rank and your traffic, but demonstrating that you have a large following could also be helpful.

Encourage your readers to post comments by asking them questions and engaging them in discussion. Respond to comments and keep the discussion going – so much of having a blog these days is not just publishing information and walking away from the computer.  It’s about building a community.  That means keeping in touch with your readers.

Use a newsletter and an RSS feed to help users follow your content more easily.

There are ways to make money fast with your blog, but if you want to earn a little bit more, always keep in mind your readers and looking professional.  If your content is good, and your layout looks professional, you’ll have more readers, and the more readers you have, the more that advertisers will want to pay you.

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