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Blogging Check List for Beginners


If you’re new to the world of blogging, you might not be sure where to start!  There are a number of factors you’ll want to consider.  I know sometimes it’s difficult to find very basic information, so I created a list of blogging fundamentals for those who need it.

1. Choose your topic

Choose something that you have passion for and that you know a lot about.  Down the road, it may be difficult to come up with a new post day after day, week after week.  But if you have passion for the topic and know a lot about it, then you’ll find things will be a little bit easier.

On the other hand, I will say that if you want to take a slightly different angle, you could instead choose a topic that you find interesting, but you DON’T know a lot about it.  The point of the blog would be to document your learning process.  For example, you could write it with a ‘for dummies’ type of slant.  Do your children tease you for not knowing how to use a computer?  Prove them wrong and write a “parent’s guide for using a computer” type of blog.

2. Choose your Domain Name

You don’t have to buy your own domain name, but many blogging experts out there will strongly suggest that you do.  Generally, domain names are not ridiculously expensive, although it depends on which name you want to use.

If you do use blogspot or another free blogging site, keep in mind that the blog name you use (ie could eventually become your domain name, if you change your mind down the road.  Having this foresight can help you brand your blog and create reader recognition once you switch.

Keep in mind that if you use blog spot for now, but then get a domain name, you could lose your page rank.

3. Design Your Blog

Many blogging platforms come with a list of free themes you can use.  If you lack layout design skills, pick one for now, as you will see in a moment, the main focus for you – as a beginner blogger – will be spending time writing and learning.

Choose a layout theme that matches the subject matter of your blog and/or that represents your personality.  Don’t just use the boring boxy default.

If you know how to make your own layout, then do it!  Originality is key, and that does not just pertain to the writing.

4. Write write write!

Build up content.  Write as often as possible and as consistently as possible.  If you can only write three times a week, try to spread out your posts, instead of posting three posts all around the same time.

Once you reach this phase, balance your time between writing and researching blogging.  Read up posts with blogging advice, learn how to design your own layout if you don’t already know how, and learn how to optimize your blog.

5. Start networking

Branch out with other bloggers in your subject area.  This may be difficult to find at first, but some thorough searching should easily help you find other bloggers.  There are a number of things  you can do, like submitting a post to a blog carnival (this helps others find you) or read blog carnivals to find others like you.

When you find other blogs, leave comments and be friendly.  Write something that actually makes sense and adds to the discussion.

These steps are an introduction to the world of blogging.  Once you have done all these, you can learn more about how to promote your blog, increase your blog’s traffic, and how to monetize your blog.

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