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Creative Domain Name Ideas


Need some inspiration? Struggling to think of clever or catchy ideas to name your blog?  Here are some brainstorming ideas.

Try this exercise: write down ten domain names off the top of your head.  Which ones did you think of?  Why did those names stand out to you?  Were they unique, made up words?

You can also write down a list of various keywords related to your blog topic.  Try writing down a list of topics you’d want to include.  See if anything unique pops out.

Fun Domain Name Ideas:

Alliteration: the first letter of two or more words in a row are the same.  For example, “Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers…”  Of course, you wouldn’t want your domain to be that long.  If Peter Piper wanted to sell his peppers, for instance, and wanted to use alliteration in his domain name, he could use this: “PetersPeppers” or “PickledPeppers”, provided of course they were not already taken.

Rhyming: Especially good for websites for kids or silly websites, rhyming can be a fun thing to do and rhymes (I think) are always easy to remember.  There is also something called “assonance,” which is the use of the same vowel sound in a string of words – almost like rhyming, but not quite.  For example, “he took joy in hearing her voice”.  So going back to Peter’s website, maybe he could instead use the name “BetterPeppers,” if he wanted to use assonance.  The assonance in this case would be the repetition of the first “e” in Better and the first “e” in Peppers.

Acronyms: You can use a four letter domain name if it is an acronym for your blog or company.  But I probably wouldn’t use an acronym more than five letters.  I’ve read that is a good place to go for four letter domain names.

Brandable: One thing you may want to keep in mind is being a brandable/memorable domain name. Way back when, generic keyword domains were hot, but they didnt really convey a brand like “ebay” or “google” does. Coming up with a brand will help your readers remember your site, however make sure its easy to spell too. Also, its quite often true that some advertisers want to place their products and advertisements on strong branded blogs. Some brands although sound cool when you pronounce them, their actually spelling is difficult to remember and type in.

If you still can’t think of anything, there are also some websites you can go to that help generate domain names. A few I’ve seen are BustAName, NameStation and Nameboy, but there are plenty more out there if those don’t fit your needs.

Just be creative with it!

Creative domain names are fun, but remember, you still want something memorable that makes sense for your blog. Be sure to refer to the previous entry, Choose a Good Blog Name, for more tips.

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