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How to Make the Most with Pay Per Click Ads


Pay per click or pay per action ads can help you make a lot of money over time.  Unlike banner ads, text links, or paid reviews, where you get paid once, even with just one PPC ad, you can make money continuously over time.

Google Adsense is one of the more popular PPC ads.

What is the difference between PPC and PPA?

Pay Per Click

You post a link on your blog’s main page, usually it is a banner.

You get paid whenever one of your readers clicks that link.

Pay Per Action

Similar to a Pay Per Click ad, except, you get paid for every “action” a user takes.

An “action” is something that the user does on a website.  Like fill out a form, give an email address, etc.  So for you to get paid, your reader has to first click the link, and then once they are on the advertiser’s page, they need to do something, whether it’s fill out a form, entering their email address, etc.  The advertiser will tell which action specifically your readers will need to take.

So, how do you convince your readers to click these ads?

Put at it the top of the page

Put it on the top of your blog, so your reader does not have to scroll down to see it.  Let it be one of the first things they see when they come on your page.

Make it stand out

Don’t let your ad get swallowed up by others ads, texts and pictures.  Blank space is your friend – use it to “cushion” the ad, to make sure that your readers’ eyes are drawn to it specifically.  If you cluster a whole bunch of other ads near your PPC or PPA ad, then your readers may not notice it at all or may click on different ads.

Write a blurb next to it

If your ad is a picture, put a caption underneath it explaining to your readers why they should check out the website, things you like about the website, and encourage them to sign up.

Write a post about it

When you first put the ad up, write a blog post about it and direct your readers to where the link is on your blog page.  Explain what the company does, why you like it and what benefit your readers can get from signing up.

Work on your readership

Continue to promote your blog so that you have more traffic.  Higher traffic means more readers, which means higher chances that visitors will click your links.  So do what you can to increase your blog’s readership.

Extra Tips:

For PPA ads: When encouraging your bloggers to go to these websites, make sure you know specifically WHICH action your readers need to take for you to make money.  Then you can encourage your readers to take that specific action.

So for example, if your PPA ad pays every time a reader submits their email address for a mailing list, then encourage your readers to sign up for the mailing list.  Tell your readers about the great content their newsletter has and what they will gain from joining the list.  Don’t make anything up, of course.

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